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LMT AXLE BRACE (Set is One Axle)

LMT AXLE BRACE (Set is One Axle)

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My take on the LMT Axle Braces. These braces are designed to be a low profile and rigid fixed mounted bracing system does very little to the geometry of the axles. These axle braces are lightweight, strong and fit to the profile of the axles eliminating any possibilities for hang ups from anything protruding from around the axles. These also nicely mimic the contours (as much as they can) of the axle and is not very noticeable given their design and fitment…
Colors available in:
Blue (pictured)
Green (sort of a Digger green)


These are designed to prevent catastrophic axle failure and in no way a guarantee the axles won't break under extreme conditions. No warranty is given or implied in the sale of these axle braces. Purchase and use at your own risk, by purchasing you agree to this term.

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