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LMT Dually Metal Hub Spacers "Black"

LMT Dually Metal Hub Spacers "Black"

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Tired of the cheap plastic wheel hub spacers that keep striping out first time you hit the gas and tired of never being able to get a good set of Aluminum hub spacers? I have Have the "dually" multipurpose wheels hubs for using stock LMT wheels or Jconcept wheels. These are Milled/Machined of top grade high strength 7075 Aluminum

These are made to fit any Stock LMT or Jconcept Tribute Wheel, Midwest Wheel, Dragon and Krimson Dually wheels with the same 6 hole bolt pattern.

IF you use them for the TREAL wheels they need the edges trimmed (dremeled) a little so they will fit. the tolerances are too tight for the metal wheels as they are.

**If used on the new aTREAL LMT wheels they will need to be slightly filed around the edges to fit into the socket of the metal wheels due to the extremely tight tolerances .**

These are fitting pieces on stock 17mm wheel HEX’s secured with the hub shaft nut and then tighten the grub screws, then simply mount your wheels.

Sold as set of 4 or (2 in the future), 24mm Hub Spacers and 5mm addon spacer(printed) to quickly and easily adjust spacer sizes, and also includes 8 grub screws to secure the hubs to the wheel Hex’s.

Approx. weight is .8 ounces compared to the .2 ounce Jconcepts plastic hubs

These hubs have a first of its kind design to lock your hubs to the HEX preventing the wheel nut from coming loose and preventing the wheel from flying off.

Once people see these i am sure the unique but simple way to help in securing the hubs to the HEX i am certain others will copy but i can assure you they won’t compare. These grub screws help to lessen the load and stress on the HEX nut and in theory helping to prevent damages to the shaft end, because often times the slop/play in the parts causes stressful impacts as they move around.


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