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Clodbuster Axle support and servo mount Kit for both axles.

Clodbuster Axle support and servo mount Kit for both axles.

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Tested By a member of Trigger King by putting through racing and relentless freestyle/bashing session. It took some heavy impacts and held up to the abuse.

These are 3D printed and very durable.

This is the Clodbuster Axle Stiffener and servo mount kit. This will support your upper upper and lower axle tubes and give you a side mount for your servo for front and or rear steering as well as a stable mount for your lower links. Allows for you to setup your clod as a 2 or 4 Wheel steer setup requires rear lockout to run 2 wheel steer. I currently do not have a lockout kit for rear.

Comes with a 6 month bash proof warranty. If for any reason these crack, break or strip out the braces will be covered.


These are designed to help strengthen the brittle stock Clodbuster axles, pivot arms and offer a relocation of your servo mount and upper and lower 4 link bars for those looking to really push your clod to the limits. This product in no way implies it will be the key to absolute prevention of broken axles and users are to use at their own risk.

By purchasing you agree that JER Custom Designs Inc. is not liable for potential damage to your axles.

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